ELI – Our story

ELI: Our story

The commitment of ELI was born in Vietnam with the creation of Eurasia Foundation and Association and the Peaceful Bamboo Family (Tinh Truc Gia – TTG) as training has alway been a central part of Eurasia’s work. The first Eurasia training courses in the field of special education and social therapy started in 1999 and ever since we have organized training courses every year, sometimes several times a year mainly in Hue.

For some time the main subject of Eurasia training courses has been special education, but over time, we have expanded our subjects to ecology, biodynamic farming, team building, training of trainers and mindfulness and ethics, social and emotional learning. You explore past trainings here

Over the years, many highly experienced and qualified trainers from Vietnam and all over the world joined the Eurasia continuous trainings and we have established partnerships with various training institutes, organisations and Universities.

In 2015 we created more formally, Eurasia Learning Institute – ELI, in order to share Eurasia’s practical experience and training courses more widely, not just in Vietnam but also internationally.

GNH has become an integrating part of ELI’s DNA as Dr Tho Ha Vinh held the position of Programs Director at the GNH Centre Bhutan, exploring the potential applications of GNH in society. Since then, ELI has sought to develop an expertise in the implementation of the GNH principles into community, business, cities and to advocate in the direction of the general public.

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