The Happy Schools Programme  : co-developing the conditions for a Happy Education :

  • Co-creating a harmonious and responsible environment in which the actors of the education system : students, teachers, administrators, parents… can reach their full potential

  • Co-creating an education system through which each individual is allowed to reconnect to self, others and nature

The programme is currently at the end of its 3-year pilot phase in Vietnam and beginning it’s pilot phase in Switzerland. Read more about both programmes below.

From individual transformation to school transformation through (re)connection to self, to others and to the planet (nature & society) : 



Students develop their full potential through a holistic approach that fosters: learning to learn and learning to know (head, cognitive), learning to be (heart, socio-emotional), learning to do (hand, behavioral)


Care for others and society


Creating harmonious and meaningul relationships between teachers, students, parents, administration and the larger community – learning to live together

Care for the planet

Living in harmony and taking care of the natural environment

Happy Schools in Vietnam