ELI Charter

Charter of Eurasia Learning Institute for Happiness and Wellbeing

Mission statement

From inner transformation to social innovation

Based on the knowledge, skills and practical experiences gathered by Eurasia; the goal of ELI is to develop holistic and transdisciplinary learning processes and events to foster deep personal and collective transformation leading to Happiness and Wellbeing for all.

ELI is dedicated to working in partnership with like minded and “like hearted” organizations to strengthen its national and international network.

All those involved in ELI activities, trainers and students alike, commit to do their best to implement in all actions, decisions and under all circumstances the values formulated in the present Charter.

Core Values

  • Fundamental respect for all human beings without any form of discrimination, especially with regard to disabilities, gender, nationality or origin; based on the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights and the Declaration of the Rights of the People living with disabilities.
  • Confidence in the innate goodness of all human beings and their capability to transform and to evolve.
  • Respect and care for natural, social and spiritual environment.
  • Consciousness of the interdependence of all beings in mutual sharing, support and cooperation.
  • Eurasia is a non-profit organization, and ELI programme it should cover its running costs. Any benefit generated by ELI projects will be donated to the humanitarian and educational projects of Eurasia, or to other projects following similar values

ELI Identity

Our passion
Co-creating true Happiness by living in Harmony with Self, Others and Nature


Our identity
We are a diverse community of change makers, acting out of compassion and insight.

Our promise
We embody in our life the GNH values that we promote.

Our attributes

  • Mindful: knowing ourselves and understanding the world
  • Experienced: experts in our fields, with longstanding implementation capability
  • Pioneering: leaders in innovative practice
  • Caring: alleviating suffering and bringing Happiness and Wellbeing to all life forms
  • Practical: realistic, accountable and action oriented
  • Interdisciplinary : combining various influences and disciplines


  • Create a respectful learning environment in which everyone can unfold its highest potential.
  • Create an open space of listening and dialogue stimulating human encounter: intercultural exchange, honoring diversity, freedom of opinion and speech.
  • Encourage lifelong learning for everyone:
    — Learning to learn, Learning to do, Learning to be, Learning to live together
    — Educating the Head, the Heart and the Hand
    — Reconnecting to Self, Others and Nature
    — Developing Mindfulness and Compassion from Kindergarten to Higher Education
  • Fostering ecological consciousness and lifestyle.
  • Fostering a caring and cooperative economy and society