The Happy Schools project

Project objective:

The objective of this project is to develop a clear framework and practical methods with a teacher training curriculum, to help develop Happy Schools, from grade 1 to 12. This pilot project will be tested in Hue Province and in case of successful assessment of the impact, could be used as a model on a larger scale.

True Happiness can be achieved if students have the opportunity to learn and practice 3 modes of Care.


Learn to develop their full potential:  knowledge, competencies, skills, talents and creativity

Care for others and society

Learn to live in harmony with others, create meaningful relationships, become responsible citizens and thus contribute to a Happy society

Care for the planet

Learn to respect and protect our fragile environment and live in harmony with Nature

Project phases:

The Happy Schools in Vietnam Project is a training program in five phases:

Assessment and scientific support:

The program begins with a baseline assessment conducted by Hue University in collaboration with Geneva and Lausanne Universities (Switzerland). The assessment process will be co-designed by these three institutions. Meticulous scientific assessments will be carried out at the end of each phase of the project. The scientific team will publish several articles to document the outcome of the project. Friend and ELI Member Camille is assessing the impact of the training of trainers and of teachers as part of her Master’s thesis in Education.

The Happy Schools team is working in close collaboration with Bitis shoe company, with whom ELI has signed a 3-year MOU in order to bring Happiness and Wellbeing to Bitis. Click below to watch the video materials:

First cohort of Hue Schools participating in the HS Programme: