Special Education Workshop: August 2018

Special Education Workshop: Fondation Perceval, St Prex

On August 22nd and 23rd, Marie-Fleur Baeriswyl, an ELI facilitator, gave a 2-day workshop for 20 social educators of Fondation Perceval, St-Prex, Switzerland.

Two teams have to work together from now on and they hired ELI to offer workshops on collaboration as a kick start before the scool year starts.

Emphasis was placed on creating spaces for people to meet with many introspective exercises and then sharings in pairs or small groups.

The teams were asked to do an appreciative enquiry in order to highlight what is already happening, what is working well and to ensure a continuation in this direction. The highlighting of the positive elements allowed the team to feel the confidence, the joy and the will to move forward in an ever healthier, creative and relevant collaboration for the residents.

Collaborative games were also offered and have created stronger connections as well as to put oneself into practice, on the move, and to integrate learning.

The teams left with a strong sense of being individually an influential actor in the team and with the awareness of self-transformation as a starting point for a good collaboration.

The inner attitude we have as educators became a key point to foster adequate and harmonious relationship both with colleagues and residents.

They also went back to work with posters presenting “the good practices of collaboration” which they defined during the workshops and will be able to work again during the year.