The Peaceful Bamboo Family celebrates its 10 years

The Peaceful Bamboo Family celebrates its 10 years

Only one year ago, we celebrated the 20 years of Eurasia Association, with a two-day party in Tinh Truc Gia= The Peaceful Bamboo Family.
In April this year, we celebrated again, this time, the 10 years of the Peaceful Bamboo Family, the living community for young adults living with disabilities and vocational training centre in Hue, Vietnam. Friends and members of the Eurasia, ELI, Tinh Truc Gia community and network came together to celebrate a decade of our best efforts to contribute by bringing Happiness not only to young people with disabilities, but to ourselves, society at large and mother nature.

Since its creation, TTG=The Peaceful Bamboo Family has kept on extending its care each year through innovations and projects such as the adolescent class, the inclusive kindergarten, the teahouse welcoming many guests not just from Vietnam but from all over the world.

Soon we will continue to expand through the second phase of the empowerment project, currently underway,  which aims to develop educational programs in the field of sustainability, ecology, organic gardening, and Social and Emotional Learning, with the global aim of  reconnection with Self, Others and Nature. These programs are currently being implemented and developed within the Happy Schools for Vietnam program, a pilot project which touches 2000 school pupils from kindergarten to university.

We are currently launching a fundraising campaign to raise money in order to buy a piece of land next to TTG. We need a bigger vegetable garden where students, teachers and parents can come and experience nature and touch the importance of caring for the environnement. Along with the garden we would like to create a natural space for outdoor physical activities, as well as a sensory experience park. If this is something that you feel a calling to support, we would be very happy for your support. Please label any donations “Empowerment project”.

We were very happy that this occasion we were able to gather our team from TTG, Eurasia, ELI, as well as our many friends and partners to celebrate our achievements, express our deep gratitude for all the support received from all over the world, and reaffirm our interdependence!