Transforming Business

B.Grimm is a large family-owned, multi business corporation active in the fields of energy, building and industrial systems, healthcare, lifestyle, real estate, transport, and emerging digital technologies.


As one of Thailand’s most senior corporate citizens, B.Grimm has a long history of “doing business with compassion” and a strong interest in bringing the approach of GNH into the business culture and practices of Thailand.

As former director of GNH Centre Bhutan, and together with Mahidol University (Contemplative Education Centre), B.Grimm launched an initiative in 2016 to introduce GNH values, practices and measures into its various companies.

This initiative consisted of a modular training program for executives and employees, including a training-of-trainers , an adaptation of the 4 Pillars and 9 domains of GNH, the reinforcement of happiness skills (e.g. mindfulness and self-reflection, deep listening, conflict resolution, socio-emotional skills, case clinics), and efforts to identify opportunities to strengthen the 9 domains of GNH (e.g. health, community vitality, time use) through company-wide GNH Action Plans.

To date, 102 participants from 9 B.Grimm companies have participated in the program. Results from preliminary quantitative and qualitative data will describe how GNH has been introduced into the corporate philosophy, the acceptability and uptake of the training, the evolution of key roles within the company (GNH ambassadors, trainers, and “systemizers”), as well as opportunities, challenges and lessons-learned following the first year of implementation.