ELI becomes a partner of the World Goetheanum Association Forum 28-30 September 2018

ELI becomes a partner of the World Goetheanum Association Forum 28-30 September 2018

From September 28-30th, ELI founder Ha Vinh Tho attended the three-day inaugural Forum of the World Goetheanum Association. The purpose of this new Association is to create a space for people and organizations who are transforming society based on spiritual impulse to meet, share, support one another and get fresh inspiration for their work. Although it has been founded by people inspired by Anthroposophy, it is open to all those who share common values of inner transformation and social renewal.

The meeting was very inspiring, and the people who attended were very interesting, to name a few: Kathrin Kaufer, Founding member of the Presencing Institute and co-author of “From ego to eco system awareness”, Helmy Abouleish  Chairman of the Board of the Sekem initiative in Egypt. Helmy invited ELI members to visit his community in Egypt. Gerald Häffner the head of the Section for social sciences at the Goetheanum, Sundeep Kamath the secretary of the biodynamic association India (100’000 farmers in India alone) and board member of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements-Asia, Christoph Langsheid, the Chairman of the Edith Maryon Foundation, and Justus Harm, a good friend of ELI, who is part of the initiative group that initiated the forum, and who has attended Eurasia Chandolin retreat several times.

This Association is a great platform to meet like-minded, like-hearted and like-willed people and organizations, to be aware of the larger ecosystem of spiritually-inspired change makers, as well as to take part in it. ELI is now partner of the WGA.

Tho offered 45-minute meditations in the mornings and 90-minute GNH workshops, and participated in a very inspiring podium discussion with Katherine Kaufer, Helmy Abouleish and Gerald Häffner on visions for a new society.

Tho, along with ELI team members Trinh and Khanh are returning to Dornach next week for a conference and workshop on special education and social therapy.