Youth for Change Retreat 2018: Small is beautiful

Youth for Change Retreat 2018: Small is beautiful!

From July 5th to 9th, the ELI young team held a Youth for Change retreat, in Eurasia President Marie-Fleur Baeriswyl’s Community-run Farm Le Petit Bochet, in Gimel, Switzerland.

The invitation was to come together in order to explore deep aspirations and projects for a more meaningful world, working from inner transformation towards social engagement.

We had a small (but beautiful!) group of five young women, coming from Switzerland, the UK and Germany. Together we practiced mindfulness, deep ecology and art such as clay modelling, attempting to cultivate a more compassionate and holistic way of life.

Using the WTR framework, we spent four days deepening our relationship to self, others and nature, going through the spiral.


The retreat was enhanced by the beautiful surrounding environment, and the way in which the Farm embodied the values of the retreat also allowed our participants to experience what it is to live inside a community, learning about the ecological projects of the farm, exploring a different economic and ecological paradigm.

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On the third morning, we spent time clay modelling

On our last evening together, we had the chance to welcome Tho and Lisi Ha Vinh (Eurasia and ELI founders), who gave a talk about their experience of inner transformation and social change, focusing on the dimension of how to balance these two aspects, as this theme was very much present throughout the retreat.

Marie-Fleur’s 6 month-old son Gaël experienced the retreat with us, bringing a lot of life and joy to the group throughout our time together.



From August 17th to 19th, we will welcome Della Duncan to facilitate a Work That Reconnects retreat in Le Petit Bochet. More information can be found here:

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