We live in a time of profound disruption, an old system is dying and a new world is emerging. If you want to be part of this process leading from inner transformation to social innovation, you can support the work of ELI: Based on decades of successful practice in the fields of education, ecology and social innovation, Eurasia Learning Institute for Happiness and Wellbeing (ELI) offers experiential programs leading from inner transformation to a happy and sustainable world.
Your contribution will enable students and people with limited financial means to join our programs, it will also support the further development of our activities in Vietnam such as supporting the running costs of The Peaceful Bamboo Family=Tinh Truc Gia, a living and vocational training centre for adults with disabilities in Hue, Vietnam.



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Eurasia Institute for Happiness and Wellbeing contributes to the development of Eurasia and its humanitarian/ ecological projects

We started ELI to train our Eurasia staff especially in Vietnam; very soon our learning programs reached far beyond the Peaceful Bamboo Family and hundreds of educators, and social workers joined regular programs over many years.

More recently, we developed learning events and programs that went beyond the specific fields of special education and social therapy to encompass Biodynamic farming, Gross National Happiness, bringing Happiness and wellbeing in organizations, Happy Schools, and we partner with Universities to create year-long programs on Inner Transformation leading to Social Innovation.

When we first began, all our programs were offered for free and we had to fundraise to organize the courses.

More recently, we have started establishing income generating programs for instance by creating programs for corporations.

One of our aims is also to gradually enable our trainers and facilitators to earn a “Right Livelihood” that allows them to fully focus their time and energy for the development of ELI.

10% of all the income generated by ELI programs is always given to Eurasia as a contribution to help fund the educational, humanitarian and ecological programs that need financial support.